UIUC Tech Talk On Modern Web Debugging

I went to UIUC in October 2013 to meet students and tell them about Yelp engineering opportunities. I took advantage of this opportunity to put together some slides to give a talk about modern Web debugging.

As a Web developer this is hands down the domain in which I feel I’ve made the most progress. Turns out being better at debugging makes you a lot more productive too!

I talked about a whole bunch of things including: how to use a Web console, how to chase down a bug in HTML, CSS or JS, how to write unit test in pure JS and integration test in Selenium (with demos). I also touched on what test automation tools were (mocha, buildbot, travisCI, etc.)

Interested in the slides? They’re online!

If you want to know more, checkout the git repo, it contains everything including the demos, slides and code examples.

And here’s a picture of that room full of UIUC students:

Room before beginning the talk