Playing with Firefly and Fitbit data

Initial idea

Plot Fitbit data using Firefly, a plotting library recently open sourced by Yelp.

Install steps

As of now, the install process is still a bit rough, but nothing you can’t get away with.

    git clone
    git submodule update --init
    sudo easy_install tornado
    sudo easy_install pyyaml
    sudo easy_install simplejson
    sudo easy_install tornado

And then, you need to install RDDTool. This library is a pain to install if you’re on MAC OS X. Here’s what I did:

Once that’s done, you can hopefully run Firefly with the following:

  python -m firefly.main --testing -c firefly.yaml.example

I personnaly had issues with the python version I was running. If you’re in some trouble see this SO thread:


The value returned by socket.getfqdn() was awfully wrong for me. I had to hardcode stuff in main.(firefly/
Also, even after doing that, the json encoding in the index template would cause everything to fail once again. I had to harcode things again there.