WTF is Nexus7 doing with devicePixelRatio?

What is devicePixelRatio?

“devicePixelRatio” is a JavaScript property used to determine the pixel density of a device.

Why does that matter?

As a web developer working on a mobile product (disclaimer: I work for Yelp on the mobile site team), I care a lot about how websites are displayed on mobile devices. Very often we fallback to JS to serve the best experience for each device, and there are a couple of areas where JS is required if you want to take advantage of the new display capabilities.

  1. Responsive images Example:

  2. Canvas based interaction

  3. Many other reasons including image loading, browser height sniffing, etc.

Nexus7: what did you do buddy?

Nexus7 reports a devicePixelRatio value of 1.3250000476837158. You read right.