How To Boba

Tapioca Flour

Tapioca flour

Mix it with some boiling water and some molasses to get color…and you get a really sticky dough

Creating bobas: piping

Bobas after being piped and floured

Take a ziploc bag and insert the dough into it. Seal that bag and cut one corner of the ziploc bag to be able to pipe the mixture onto a parchment-paper sheet sprinkled with tapioca flour. If you’re fancy, get a proper pastry piping bag (smile) Let dry for at least 2 hours!

Creating bobas: shaping

Shaping boba

Probably the most annoying step. After letting the small balls dry, take the dough and roll into small balls. Yes, it’s time-consuming. Take your time, put your favorite TV show on while doing this.

Cook the bobas

Bobas before cooking

Heat a pot of water to boiling, and put your precious bobas inside. Let them naturally bubble up to the top, then wait for another 15mins before taking them out. Sugar ‘em up! Take the cooked boba and let them sit in a simple syrup or honey for 24hrs or so.

Bobas after cooking

(it’s high time!) Enjoy!

Mix your bobas with some tea (jasmine in this case), milk and ice! Put a straw, and slurp!

Final boba drink