Apprenticeship Patterns

I picked up Apprenticeship Patterns and finished reading it recently. It was written in 2009. 10+ years later I still found it relevant, energizing, and insightful. Let’s go through why.

Apprenticeship Patterns

Apprenticeship Patterns: The Good Parts

Our industry’s practices have evolved. While some advice or reflections in this book are dusty, it offers timeless high-quality “patterns” (really, mindsets) that one can leverage in today’s world. Here are some that resonated with me particularly well:

Mapping my usual advice to patterns

I often take explicit or implicit mentorship responsibilities at work. Reading through this book I realized the advice I give fits into apprenticeship patterns:

Committing to craftsmanship

Reading this book has had a good effect on me. It clarified what I’m committed to now, and in the future. Specifically, here’s what lies ahead for me:

Looking Ahead: who I aspire to become

Here’s a list of people I admire. I realize now that each of them embodies an aspect of “apprenticeship” or “craftsmanship” described in Apprenticeship Patterns. Here they are, along with why I find their work so damn impressive: