- Distributed App

Blockbin is a website to let anyone paste content on the Ethereum blockchain forever. As long as the Ethererum blockchain is running, so does your content! In short: a distributed, persistent pastebin.

One of the original motivations for this project was to find out how easy it is to build distributed apps, and how viable it is from a cost standpoint. I found that the developer experience is quite quirky and unreliable. I'm glad this was just a side project.
Cost-wise: deploying the smart contract was around $9 (USD) with some mistakes made (I had to re-run parts of the deployment because I screwed up with gas estimation!); storing this quote cost me $0.13 to persist on the Ethereum blockchain forever. Not bad?

Coded with:
Architecture made of:
Solidity, Truffle & React

View when a cube is displayed

Metamask interface when a transaction is submitted

As you type things into the textarea, a live estimate of how much it would cost to store it appears and updates